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  For more than a decade Kristin Panek has worked with individuals and groups to help them transform their lives. She brings an amazing ability to hold sacred space in which change is allowed to occur, and to create it in her workshops and courses.

Kristin supports each client in safely finding the edges of comfort, and then stepping beyond those edges into a more expansive life experience.

Kristin is licensed as a Guide by Shematrix, a collective of women who offer transformational weekend experiences for both Women and Men.

She is a certified Oneness Trainer, and has completed courses in Fiji and at the Oneness University campus in India.

She has also completed a 500-hour Yoga Roots teacher training program and is an active Yoga teacher. Her classes include meditation, pranayama and asana practices.

Kristin is accredited by The School of Natural Healing as a Master Herbalist, and is also a
Reiki Master.

She currently lives and works in Downers Grove, Illinois.

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