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What Our Clients Say


Words From Others

  "I've been able to look at behavior which has kept me from connecting with people. I'm aware that staying in the moment always serves me better." - B.   "Kristin helps her clients create movement in their lives, restoring the courage to go past whatever obstacles they encounter and move toward their personal goals.
She is unafraid to speak her truth and directly face the tough issues. By her example, she challenges clients to meet their own issues head-on."  
- Sonia Choquette
NY Times Bestselling Author,

The Psychic Pathway
"I healed a wound that I created in my marriage some 10 years ago. I have no doubt that this will allow me to accept love fully again." - D.
  "The overall experience is calmness, tranquility and love amidst the storm of daily existence." - J.
  "Kristin has created an amazing heartfelt and compassionate style of sharing the tools and teachings for true transformation. She holds her students in a safe and loving container to empower their own innate wisdom - going deeper so that the Authentic Self can shine."
- Laura Jane
Mellencamp Murphy
   Founder & Director

"My energy level continues to be high and my reactions to situations are quite pleasantly changed - much less thought and much more joy." - S.
"With Kristin's help and encouragement,
I found the focus and courage to make the changes needed to move closer to my life's goals." - P.